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Fashion Mayhem – Models, Makeup Artists, Photographers Photo Shoot

before and afterModel: Rocelyn Tiamson

blink photography

      Photography: Blink Photography by Joeben Canonizado

Makeup Artist

Hi-Definition Makeup by Donna Santos



New Model Rocelyn Tiamson 1  New Model Rocelyn Tiamson 3

New Model Rocelyn Tiamson 4

New Model Rocelyn Tiamson 5

New Model Rocelyn Tiamson 7.....

New Model Rocelyn Tiamson 10....

New Model Rocelyn Tiamson

New Model Rocelyn Tiamson 8.....



with advertisement





Rocelyn blackwhite1 Rocelyn blackwhite2....

Rocelyn blackwhite



 Rocelyn4 Rocelyn5

Rocelyn6 Rocelyn7 Rocelyn8

Rocelyn9 Rocelyn10 Rocelyn11

Rocelyn12 Rocelyn13 Rocelyn14















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Makeup Works by Donna Santos

Fashion Mayhem Makeup by Donna Santos0  

Fashion Mayhem by Donna SantosAdd MediaFashion Mayhem Photo Shoot by Donna Santos13 - Copy

Fashion Mayhem Photo Shoot by Donna Santos12 - Copy                                            Fashion Mayhem Photo Shoot by Donna Santos14

Fashion Mayhem Photo Shoot by Donna Santos11

MOdel2 befoe and after - Copy

model2 f    model I

model2 e

model2 d        model2 c - Copy

model3 before and after - Copy

  model3 closeup - Copy  model3.........model3............... - Copy  Model3 - Copymodel3.............. model3..........  model3....... model3.....

model4 4 - Copy


Model4 - Copy

model4 1 kikinialala2

model5 before and after


model5a model5b


model5f model5h model5j model5k model5l model5p




Aspiring Makeup Artist just got paid. =)

Aspiring Makeup Artist  just got paid. =)

Thanks to my very first client and her family who gave their trust in me. I now have my very own makeup station and director’s chair.


I am very new in this business and I have a long way to go to prove myself. I’m just one lucky girl to find someone who trusted me immediately after showing her some of my work. I gave her a trial makeup and as I waited for her reaction while she closely  checked on it at the mirror I prayed that I wouldn’t get any  bad comments from her. She looked at me and smiled and she uttered the words “you’re hired”.  That made my day!


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Avant-Garde and Bridal Makeup

 This was my very first serious makeup project. I’m excited, nervous and mixed emotions transpired that day. I was praying that I’ll be able to pull it through. I’m lucky that my model was really nice and we get along immediately after we got introduced.

This is Charisma Patacsil, she's my model for my Avant-Garde and Bridal  Makeup                     Before


I used Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Foundation and concealer for her skin coverage because it’s easy to blend and it evened out her skin tone, hide blemishes with light application. I used the Graftobian Tester Box with 48 shades creme & powder eyeshadow which I love  since it’s pigmented and lasting for my Avant-Garde look and the Graftobian Bridal Palette Eyeshadow for the bridal makeup. I also mixed green and yellow eyeshadow to a OCC clear lip tar to achieve the color I want for my model’s lip shade which is golden-yellow.  NYX  jet black gel liner for my avant-garde eyebrow and Ben Nye dark brown cream eyeliner  for her upper  and lower outer lash line and lower water line.

Here’s us prepping up for our Bridal and Avant-Garde makeup and photo shoot


HD avant DCS

Disclaimer: This picture was originally posted on HD Makeup Studio and Academy’s facebook page.

My fierce and fabulous warrior


I I really had fun doing this amazing look. It was my very first avant-garde creation. I just can’t explain how happy I am being able to make my version of a tribal warrior.  I requested my  hairstylist to make the hair look it’s on fire and when I attached the feather eyelashes which was the last touch to complete the look, I’m surprised with the outcome. The amazon in me suddenly came to life… that’s exactly how I pictured it.




My September Bride


My version of a Vintage Bride but instead of red lips which makes it distinct I mixed a tint of bronze to make it look subtle but still classic.



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Diamonds are not girl’s best friend… it’s MAKEUP!

So you think diamonds are girl’s best friend? Think again! We love Jewelry especially diamonds but we’ll not settle for that alone.  We are crazy about beauty and fashion.  We love makeup, clothes, accessories and did I mention makeup?


You maybe asking, why? Simply because makeup does amazing things not only to women but also to men.  It empowers us and it boost our self-confidence. I use to think that makeup is only for vain and insecure women who tries to look pretty. But when I learned the wonderful things it  does to people and how it gives hope, happiness and a chance to be the person that they want to be not only with their physical appearance but also on how they see themselves as an individual, it changed my whole perspective.

Makeup is an art and you can be creative with it. Just like me you may also discover that makeup can be your best friend.

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Flawless Makeup for Your Most Awaited Event

Here’s another batch of my makeup works. I know that there’s still a lot to learn and that’s why I try to practice, practice and practice everyday.

I am lucky that those people I try to work with and offer my services are happy with the outcome of their transformation.

This is Marian, a student who is soon celebrating her 18th birthday. My goal here is to  push away the protruding brow bone. I needed to put more highlight on the lid since she have hooded eyes. I also like to open her eyes by making it become more prominent than the eyelids and cover some of the blemishes.

Hooded eyes are sometimes called “bedroom eyes” because the lids tend to look partly closed. Applied correctly, eye color can help hooded eyes appear more open by minimizing the eyelid.


This was the first makeup look I did on Marian. I tried convincing her that we  should use a lighter shade of lipstick and. explained that it will suit her age but she insisted it  red.



2nd Look


One makeup look but different hairstyle and wardrobe. Done on the same day.

one makeup look



This is Lyn. She wanted a transformation and be totally a different person for her wedding day. She got a lot of pimples on her face and a little discoloration on her skin specially on the side of the lips, nose and under her eyes. I used Graftobian for the foundation and of course the most important thing, I used the corrector and color wheel to hide the redness on her face.

Here is the outcome of her makeover. I asked her to pose for me. As the makeup artist I’m pleased with the foundation coverage. I can see that she’s flawless and really glowing.



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Makeup Artist in the Making

I’m an aspiring makeup artist exploring the world of beauty and fashion. I recently got hooked with makeup and beauty. I noticed that at my age I can call myself a late bloomer since I never really got interested with cosmetics and never ever wear makeup even at work. I should have learned the art a long time ago. I decided to enroll myself in a Beauty and Fashion Makeup Academy and discovered that it’s exciting if you paint your masterpiece on a real canvas. Seeing my ideas come to life and transforming an individual from one personality to another is a complete fulfillment. Although it’s not easy I will do my best and master the craft of making people look beautiful. We all love to look pretty. Expressing ourselves through beauty gives us the sense of happiness, self-confidence and freedom. I just want to showcase some of my works.

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Men's or Groom's Makeup

Men’s or Groom’s Makeup

Makeup for Mature Women
Makeup for Mature Women
Conceal and 3 tone Eye Shadow


 Total Makeover

Total Makeover


Total Makeover

Daytime Makeup

Daytime Makeup

This was my very first makeup look done in school which is daytime makeup.

As you can see there’s an obvious difference on her eyes, her skin texture and aura.

Avant-garde Trial Makeup

Avant-garde Trial Makeup

We were asked in school to do two looks and we get the chance to try it on our models for that day. First look will be Bridal and second look we get to choose from Avant-garde, Glamour or Fashion. This was my Avant-garde trial makeup. I really enjoyed doing this look. I was able to explore more of what makeup can do not only  by totally changing the appearance but also on how it increase one’s self-confidence. . What I love doing is covering all the flaws on her face including acne and blemishes by just applying a thin layer of HD Graftobian Foundation (my new best friend).

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